Monday, 18 April 2011

Travels in the Gambia.

In March of this year we went on a field trip to the Gambia in West Africa for 2 weeks. It was such an amazing experience! It is such a beautiful country; the people were so happy and friendly and the experiences with wildlife were outstanding! 
 A Western Red Colobus Monkey with young in Bijilo Forest. 
 Another resident of Bijilo Forest, a cheeky Green Vervet Monkey.
 This Osprey took us by surprise when we went for a stroll on the beach.
 Hooded Vultures were a common site in the Gambia
 An Agama lizard, challenging to photograph as they move so fast
 Perched Hooded Vulture
 Patas monkey, considered to be the fastest primate
 Osprey with a huge catch
 We found this dead turtle while walking on beach
 Grey-Headed Gull chick
Royal Tern in flight

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