Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Midnight visit from a Pine Marten.

I am currently on Expedition with 3 of my fellow students on the Scottish peninsula of Ardnamurchan. One of our aims was to see and capture images of one of the most elusive mammals in the UK and Ireland - the Pine Marten. We had left out jam the past few nights in the attempt of enticing it into the garden but last night we left out some biscuits. Cain, Rachael and Steve went out for a walk in the dark with a torch in the hopes of catching a glimpse of one, I stayed on my own in the cottage. After a while I seen movement at the window, there it was, enjoying our offering of biscuits. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots, it didn't mind the flash at all. As it heard Cain, Rachael and Steve approach, it scampered off into the darkness.  I hope the rest of my stay in Scotland has many more moments as exciting as this one!

We have our own blog dedicated to Expedition Ardnamurchan: http://expeditionardnamurchan.blogspot.com/

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