Saturday, 28 April 2012

Evening in Cliburn.

This evening my friend Cain Scrimgeour and I decided to go for a walk in Cliburn Moss, just outside Penrith. The light was lovely as the setting sun cast a golden glow over the landscape. We seen quite a few mammals. While driving down the track by Cliburn we spotted a pair of roe deer - a doe and a young buck. After sitting awhile in a quiet spot on the edge of the woods, we spotted 3 more roe deer, 3 brown hares and to our surprise a red fox. It came trotting towards us oblivious of our presence, it then wandered behind the trees we had our backs against. I turned my head to look at its russet coloured face and finally it noticed us. For what seemed like half a minute it shared our gaze before fleeing into the trees. On our way back to the car we happened across a badger, the white stripes of its face vivid against the fading light.

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